Zeichnungen, Künstlerbücher, performative Installationen

Das HimmelsHöllenKleid - Künstlerische Intervention Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Kunsthistorisches Museum Stif Admont, Österreich  2017-2019         

 Heaven's Inferno Dress Artistic Intervention, Museum for Contemporary Art, Museum of Fine Arts Admont Abbey 2017-2019



Handgeschöpftes Papier aus der performativ getragenen Kleidung der Künstlerin, Zeichnungen mit der Nähmaschine, die einen Totentanz bilden. Das HimmelsHöllenKleid ist ein Leporello - ein Künstlerbuch raumfüllend skulptural gestaltet. An den Wänden die 'FadenLese', Texte zum Faden von der Antike bis Hannah Arendt, 





A penetrable chasuble made of used fabric provided by the artist, floats like a tent in a room. The art created with a sewing machine on it depicts the dance of death. The individual handmade paper can be folded akin to the fanfold paper. The fanfold paper as a means to create a space-filling sculptural design for an artist’s book has for long been an artistic preoccupation of Carola Willbrand. This work links to the historical fabric of Admont Abbey of Benno Hahn and to the new Gothic exhibition in the abbey. This dress, which is also a tent, represents a heavenly tent in the image of creation. And the other side depicts the entire story of the global textile trade, right up to the low-price fabric of our times manufactured under intolerable conditions.





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