Carola Willbrand born 1952 in Cologne, Germany


lives and works in Cologne and Amsterdam, NL


since 1981 projects, exhibitions, performances, artist books using materials of daily life: wallpaper, carpet, worn clothes. The thread ties all my materials together. The metaphor 'thread' is the image for life.



Carola Willbrand's artist's books were shown in the last years at several groupexhibitions and soloexhibitions and at the Codex fair (codex, Berkeley California, by Susanne Padberg, Galerie Druck & Buch, Wien,




 2014 "KÜNSTLERBÜCHER _ ARTISTS´ BOOKS International from 1960 til today", Museum for Art

 Benedictine Abbey Admont,  Austria

"Time and Again" Central Booking NYC, New York, catalog 

 2013„5th International artists' book exhibition“ King St. Stephen Museum, Székesfehérvár, Hungary catalog; „eloquent – a tour of language in art (wortgewand – Sprache in der Kunst)“ presented at several museums in Germany Westdeutscher Künstlerbund and meno parkas galerija Kaunas, Lithuania catalog

 “Thread (Faden)” showroom Berlin Deutscher Künstlerbund (the german artist's organisation)

  "Voyage” Künstlerhaus (artist's residence) Dortmund, Germany



 2012 "'Blätterwald' or the quintessence of the book“ curated by Carola Willbrand and Katharina Jesdinsky showroom Berlin Deutscher Künstlerbund (the german artist's organisation); „Buchkunst total/Sammlung total (artist's books total/collection total)“ Museum of Appllied Arts Frankfurt a/M; „denken (thinking)“ Kolumba (museum of the archbishopric Cologne), catalog  


2011 "Materials Revisited" Klingspor museum Offenbach, catalog  


 2007 “ artist’s books (Les livres artistes) ” Bibliothéque national du Luxembourg, “Artist’s Books IV” Neues Kunsthaus Ahrenshoop catalog  ; « Autres Rives, Autres Livres (other banks – other books)” Centre Culturel Jacques Brel, Thionville, France, catalog;



2006 “Der Souvenir – Erinnerung in Dingen (The Souvenir – Memories of Objects)” Museum of Applied Arts; Frankfurt a/M and ACC-Galerie Weimar, catalog


 2005 “Thai-German Contemporary Art Exchange” gallery Rachel Haferkamp, Cologne; Department of Fine Arts, Faculty of Architecture, King Mongkut’s Institute of technology Ladkrabang, Bangkok Thailand



 2003 “Corporal Identity (Körpersprache)" Klingspor Museum Offenbach, Museum of Applied Arts, Frankfurt a/M and Museum of Arts & Design, New York catalog


 2000 “Craft from Scratch (Eine Spur von Handarbeit)” Museum of Applied Arts Frankfurt a/M and Object Gallery, Customs House, Sydney, Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia, catalog; “printed matter” artist’s books, collection Missmahl, Museum Burg Wissem, Troisdorf and Morat-Institute for the Arts Freiburg catalog  




2014  "Cut up as an advanced Term of Handcraft -Needlework" Museum Art Library Cologn

 2011 “später ist schon (times go by)” amschatzhaus gallery, Neuss Germany,


 2009 “Geistesblitze-Hersenflitsen (brainstorm)” KunstWerk Cologne with Mark Met Amsterdam NL, catalog in German/Dutch

2008 “Das Quellenwerk (compendium)” Museum Burg Wissem, Troisdorf, Germany, Klingspor Museum Offenbach, Germany, catalog;  “KopfArbeit (mental work)” gallery DRUCK & BUCH; Tübingen, Germany (now Vienna, Austria) and 2004 “vade mecum”;




2006 “Fadenheftung (thread stitching)” gallery mergemeier Düsseldorf; “The Fabulous Thing (Fabelhafte Zierding)” Kleisthaus Berlin Federal Republic of Germany;

2000 “MenschenBild (Idea of Man)” Max Planck Institute for Sociology Cologne



works in different collections

Kunst-und Museumsbibliothek der Stadt Köln, Brooklyn Museum New York City, The Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute, Williamstown Massachusetts, USA,  MoMa New York, Bibliothèque Nationale de Luxembourg, Kolumba Kunstmuseum des Erzbistums Köln, Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Wien, mak, Wien, Museum für Angewandte Kunst, Frankfurt, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, München, Sächsische Landesbibliothek, Dresden Städtische Sammlungen der Stadt Köln/Museum Ludwig, Städtische Sammlungen der Stadt Schaffhausen, Museum zu Allerheiligen Schaffhausen, CH; Klingspor Museum der Stadt Offenbach, Artothek Köln


Several Examples for Carola Willbrand's book art:


 „Das Cut als erweiterter Handarbeitsbegriff (Cut up as an advanced Term of
Handcraft -Needlework)“ 2012

reflection about my needlework on the flyer of information of The Leipzig book fair 2012;
silhouettes, drawings with marker, text sewed with a sewing machine, cover sewed out of
book-jackets for educational books, 31 numbered pages, in between tracing paper with
sewed text, partially of others, partially own, 21,5 x 21,5 cm





„Nur die Bücher – Alleen de boeken (Only the Books)“ 2012
translated from Dutch into German ('Marga Minco : Alleen de boeken) by the artist, written
with a fountain pen, drawings sewed with a
sewing machine, inspired by my favorite female artists out of my favorite artists books,
cover sewed out of raw silk, bolstert with poyester inlet for anorak, unique copy


Cover Marga Minco Only the Books




„Der Jäger und die Wilde Frau (The hunter and the Wild Woman)“ 2007-2011
text sewed on „pseudo-loden-cloth“ with a sewing-machine (text written by Oswald
von Wolkenstein 1377-1445 the last minnesinger in german language); photos show the
performance 'the hunter and the wild woman' of Carola Willbrand and Mark Met, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 18 x 40 cm, 10 signed copy






Schöne Mode für die Künstlerin (Beautiful fashion for the female artist)!' 2004-2006
3 different books with the titel 'Arbeits- und Schutzkleidung für die Wahrung innerer Werte'
(clothes for employment protection for the ensuring of the inner values) are protected by 3
different covers: sewed out of clothes worn by the artist in different performances.
The books are sewed out of awning cloth from Eckernförde, a city in Northgermany at the
Baltic Sea, where I lived for a while. Text (describing the meaning of the beauty and the need
of clothes), drawings and photos are sewed with a sewing machine. The photos show the
performance by the artist – wearing these 'clothes for employment protection.




„Leichtes Leben – Kleine Helfer erleichtern den Alltag (Easy Life – Little
Helpers make life easier)“
drawings and text sewed with a sewing machine on fabric, 15 x 20 cm , 3 copy,





„Die Dunkelkammer (The Dark Room) “ 2003
18 sheets of black mosquito net underlayed with red and blue interlayer, text and drawings
sewed with a sewing machine, ca. 40 x 60 cm, unique copy.





I like to present 'the Dark Room' as an hanging installation; enclosed a picture of my
exhibtion 'Das Quellenwerk - the encyclopedia of the artist's world', Museum Burg Wissem
(the picture-book-museum) Troisdorf, Germany 2008